Top 10 Flutter Resources for the Autodidact (self-taught)

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3 min readNov 10, 2019


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Top 10 Flutter Resources

85.5% of the respondents of the 2019 stack overflow survey claim they taught themselves a new language. As one one of those individuals learning a new language and framework with Dart and Flutter, I’ve had to hit the books and here is what I have found to be my Top 10 go to resources.

Research, Research, and more research

The Docs

Let’s start with the most important place, the Docs. In my opinion one of the best and well written documentation pages for any library. The great tutorials, in-depth instructions, and a video explanation for most of the widgets make this a one stop shop.


Widget of the Week and The Boring Flutter Development Show make this channel worth subscribing for any Flutter developer or any developer in general. Widget of the Week is a short animated video explaining in detail a widget and what it looks like when used. The Boring Flutter Development Show takes an idea for an app and they create it as they film. In the linked episode they file a bug report which is something that was new to me.

Widget of the Week — YouTube Flutter Channel


Reddit’s Flutter thread is full of tutorials, questions and answers. Reddit is the #1 Social Media destination for developers according to the 2019 Stack overflow Developer Survey.

Stack Overflow

This is my favorite place to go for research. I like connecting common questions and trying to figure out possible answers. The community is really supportive and its even fun to see competition between respondents finding solutions.


Github is great for many reasons including cloning complete code examples to try out. What I like to do is use it as a reference to look over code to really see it all in one place. Github is also the place where you get the latest information on the Flutter SDK.


This is where I find the most information outside of the Docs that I consider up to date and relevent to learning. Maybe it is that I prefer the written tutorial over the video or that I can actually check code easier. I find Medium a great resource and its always being added to.

Medium Flutter page

Discord, Slack, Gitter

I have lumped these together as they are similar enough in that they are all basically a version of chat. Each site has its own pros and cons, which is worth an article of its own, but I wanted to pass on the links to the Flutter channels of each. They all are worth checking out and exploring and at the end of the day if you have a question that can be answered through these channels you have that option.

When I first started getting serious about building mobile applications, I would ask developers where they went to learn. I was told about and for me it has been one of the few sites that is worth paying for. There are some free resources and once in a while they run a free weekend that is worth checking out to see if it is for you. I think the most valuable part of the site is providing information with working with Xcode and Apple Developer Program.


Not everyone will agree with me that these are the top 10 but I think this will get you to the beginner level and beyond. If you have other places you learn, I would love to hear about them. Thanks for reading!