NFT and Blockchain

Splinterlands: A Battle Card Game Built on the Blockchain using NFTs

A look at this blockchain based game and non-fungible ERC 721 tokens (NFT)

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3 min readMar 2, 2021


Splinterlands logo with creatures from game
Splinterlands Logo

With the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum bringing attention back to the defi space, companies are looking for ways of incorporating that technology into our everyday lives. Splinterlands, a new card battle game is using that technology by giving players real world value to their game. They do that through the use of NFTs or Non-fungible tokens or ERC-721.

NFTs are tokens that unlike Bitcoin, are of unique value. The same reason two cars might not have the same value, even if they are the same make and model. Think baseball cards, comic books, or Pokemon cards.

Login screen for Splinterlands
Log In Screen

There are a few different ways to create your account and log in. I used Metamask and only had to provide an e-mail.

Once in the game it runs you through a quick tutorial battle in practice mode.

Getting started playing is really quick and easy as it provides a set of cards for you to use at the beginning.

Each battle is different and allows you to use only a set amount of MANA. You pick an elemental summoner card and then select the rest of your team. As a completely new player to this game you can be a little overwhelmed with the options but you get the hang of it after a few practice battles.

Screenshot of UI in Splinterlands game
Screenshot of Battle setup

The game is free to play up until a point. If you want to do anything past basic battles, you have to shell out 10 dollar bucks to get in the action. By action, I mean earning money and even getting to change your username.

Earning the game currency starts after the purchase of the $10 USD Summoner’s Spellbook that can be purchased with various currencies.

The game really opens up after the initial purchase and when real money can be earned it takes it to the next level.

Playing cards can be traded and auctioned off, lands can be purchased, you can enter lotteries.

Outside of the game, in-game items like the one pictured below can also be found using my referral link on

Example of item for sale at

The game also has a great affiliate program that encourages players to get friends to join in on the action.

Thanks for reading and here is my referral link if you are looking to join the action: