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Flutter Tutorial

My $PATH to Flutter with Vim

Vim and Flutter Logos

R ecently I finished The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by AppBrewery and at the very beginning I was introduced to Vim. I was even able to exit.

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Setting up Flutter on my Mac was no problem outside of setting my $PATH. This is step #3 in the Flutter docs. At some point I had created a profile with a different tutorial not knowing what I was doing. I searched for answers and came across a way of clearing my bash profile but I was still having trouble setting the path as you see here:

Updating your path:

Although I had purchased the Flutter Bootcamp course, I wanted to see if I could follow the docs on my own. After wasting a lot of time I gave in and followed the tutorial. I was able to set my $PATH in the first try with Vim. The instructor made a joke about being able to exit the Vim editor, which at the time I didn’t get, but I now do.

Here is how I was able to do it:

Open terminal and you will see:

iMac:~ home$

Type vim .bash_profile so it looks like this:

iMac:~ home$ vim .bash_profile then hit enter/return

The Vim text editor will open and then you will type:

export PATH="PATH:/Users/home/Development/flutter/bin" hit the esc key

your cursor will jump to the bottom and then you will type:

:wq! which saves and quits the Vim editor.

To check to see if it worked quit your terminal and reopen it.

Type in flutter --version hit enter

You should see something like this:

Flutter Version in terminal screenshot
Success Meme

Once I was past this obstacle of setting $PATH it was smooth sailing and I was able to use Android Studio with no problems.

As I progressed through the course, my mind drifted as it often does. I kept thinking about Vim and how well it worked. I decided to do a little research and this is what I found:


Besides a Pac Man like game that teaches you basic Vim commands I found a really enthusiastic community of Vim users. Here are some links is you would like to learn more: — The main doc page

Daniel Miessler — Great Tutorial

Vim Cookbook — Recipes

I hope this helps you set your own $PATH and any comments or suggestions are greatly welcomed as this is my first Medium article.