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8 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Flutter for 2020

Learn to build cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and the web with #Flutter for 2020

Gentle Island
2 min readJan 9, 2020
8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Flutter in 2020

With the recent release of Flutter 1.12 and the amount of support from the community, Flutter could be the top choice for 2020.

Here are 8 YouTube channels that provide great learning experiences and tutorials to get you going in 2020.


Flutter — This is the official Flutter channel and includes Widget of the Week and That Boring Flutter Development Show.

The Net Ninja — Flutter & Firebase App Introduction

The Net Ninja — The Net Ninja covers everything from Flutter to PHP to React in playlist format.

Flutter — Udemy

Udemy — Maximilian Schwarzmüller from Academind teaches a Udemy course on Flutter.

Academind — Flutter Course

Academind — Maximilian Schwarzmüller teaches Flutter on his own channel.

FreeCodeCamp — Flutter

FreeCodeCamp — FreeCodeCamp is a free web development educational site that provides lessons on HTML, React, APIs and more. The YouTube channel has hours of ad free videos covering just about anything software related.

Fireship — Flutter

Fireship — This channel from fireship.io is educational and entertaining as the tutorials are covered quickly usually in 15 minutes with the viewer in mind. This channel covers more than Flutter with tutorials on Angular and information about different technologies like the recent one on cloud computing.

London App Brewery — Flutter

London App Brewery — This channel has some tutorials and is the channel for the team that Google used to produce the Complete Flutter App Development Bootcamp with Dart as posted in this blog post.

Traversy Media — Flutter Crash Course

Traversy Media — This channel is one of my favorites as it has everything a web developer could want. The crash course is a basic intro to Flutter but the rest of the channel provides so much information on everything.

Thanks for reading and if you know of other channels and want to share them, please do so in the comments.